Management Toolkit

Artifact 3 | Management Toolkit

Project Description: The purpose of this project was to illustrate my knowledge of Information Management in a toolkit. It is both a reflection and a synthesis of the concepts, ideas, and principles addressed in INSC 550: information management.

The management toolkit consisted of my personal management philosophy, an organizational chart analysis, and program proposal. The management philosophy was based on class readings and discussions about management concepts, theories, and paradigms. For the organizational chart component, I created a chart for the organizational structure of the Studio in Hodges Library at the University of Tennessee Libraries. The University of Tennessee Libraries has an organization chart, however, only departments and department heads were represented on the chart. The chart I created shows the reporting lines or chains of command within the Studio, a department within the library. The last part of the toolkit involved creating a program proposal.


The program proposal was composed of five subsections: description and justification, budget, staff, marketing, and assessment plan. The program I proposed was for academic libraries to digitize their moving image collections. As described in the proposal, the technology to digitalize the film would not be made accessible for faculty only; it would also be made available to students that have interest in learning about film or have film projects. This would promote information literacy and collaboration between students, faculty, and staff. To promote the university’s film collection and newly digitized films, the library could host a movie night in the summer and fall months that would be open to the public. A sample poster was made to promote the program, pictured to the left.

Management Toolkit

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